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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SIGHT: Seven random delights

In Sense & the City annual tradition, I offer seven sensory delights for the seventh month.

1. Neighborhood tree fencing

This replica of the Brooklyn Bridge is outside Ted & Honey Café in Cobble Hill.

2. Peeled pineapples cut into spirals

Beside their fully clothed neighbors, they look at once flamboyant and vulnerable, like a woman in eveningwear on a morning subway.

3. Spools of thread in streetside tailors’ windows

The tidy spools of every hue mounted on a pegboard encapsulate New York’s quick-fix economy. 

4. Fire hoses at the New York Public Library and Grand Central Terminal

Coiled behind a grillwork cage and shuttered in a wooden cabinet: like everything else at these institutions, immaculately designed.

5. Mail-carrier instructions

Lest there be any confusion. President Street, Brooklyn.

6. Chase Bank, Brooklyn Heights

Classic and imposing, the way a bank ought to be. 

7. Subway-platform candy stands

Nowhere else do nuts, candy, chips, and batteries look as beautiful as on a gray subway platform.


Hershon said...

The Brooklyn Bridge replica around the tree is not in front of the cafe, but in front of the house next door. It was built by the owner-occupant Dr. Theodor Kaufman, a man of many talents.

Bob Hershon

CVD said...

Good to know about the artist--and more-precise location. Thank you!

CVD said...

Good to know, thank you!