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Thursday, July 7, 2016

SIGHT: Seven random delights

In honor of Sense & the City’s annual tradition, I offer seven sensory delights for the seventh month.

1. Mother Pigeons soft-sculpture pigeon “flashflock” pecking at felt pizza slices in Union Square

2. An unexpected geometry beneath the pergola in Central Park’s Conservatory Garden, Harlem

3.  A fan of coupon flyers tucked into a brownstone fence in Fort Greene suggests an artist hiding behind this unsung urban job

4. Delivery trucks hand-painted with the New York City skyline

5. Found love note, Bed-Stuy (with a few trial pen scribbles and a mysterious elision)

6. Rain streaks making chain marks on the window of the downtown 3 train

7. A patch of Astroturf mounted on a Midtown alley wall to make a less-sinister view for diners inside the restaurant to the left